Thursday, October 26, 2006

Long week-end is nearly here

Dia diaibh, maidir leis an múinteoireacht, tá mé ag foghliam an t-ám go léir. B’éigean dom cuplá ranganna breise a mhúineadh an seachtaine seo caite agus inné, agus tá mé beo fós. Fuair mé cuplá leid ó mo fheitheoir dé hAoine seo caite chomh maith.

Things are getting a bit busier in school as I had to take extra classes last week and this week. So I'm seeing more students. My supervision went ok, but there is a lot to improve on. No school next week as its mid-term, so next week will be quiet.

Slán go fóill

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Supervisor blues....

An bhfuil tusa ag labhairt liomsa?.....An bhfuil tusa ag labhairt liomsa?...Is mise an t'aon duine anseo!...Yerraa, na bac, ta mo chuigire ag teacht chugam amarach ach nil imni ar bith orm.....go foill.

Well hows things, I think i might be making a bit of progress in school. The longer i am there the more confortable I feel, however I had a bad class with the first years on Monday, but Wednesday was much better. Yeah my superviser is coming to see me tomorrow morning. Also I have to take 3 extra classes as the business teacher is out tomorrow, so tomorrow is a long day. Slan go foill.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A mhic o, ta me ar ais aris, ach nil a lan nuacht agam. Ta me nios compordachti san Ollscoil anois agus ta me in ann mo bhealach a fail timpeall an Ollscoil.

Well, the last week has been fine, i'm getting a bit more used to being in School and I think I might be getting better at handling those first years. Fingers crossed. Still unsure if i'm going to do CSPE or SPHE as my methodology, i think I'll go for SPHE as I think it might be more interesting. The only thing is that it will probably be on every Wed evening from 6-8pm which means that it will clash with my Ceard teastas rang, agus is mor an trua e. But hopefully Meta will find a way around it.

Ciao anois.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

My first Ed. Tech blog

Bhuel, is mise Micheal agus to athas orm anois mar ta me direach tar eis blog a cruthu.

Well, im from Newcastle West in County Limerick and i'm 28 years of age. I used to be a Solicitor but I wasn't liking what I was doing so Im in the middle of a career change. I thought that I would like teaching but I wasn't sure whether to go for Primary or post primary teaching. Well in the end I plumped for post primary teaching and here I am now creating a blog. I am a sequential student and I am doing my teaching practice in Oughterard, County Galway. My subjects are Business Studies and Accountancy.

I have a basic understanding of computers. I would be pretty good with Word and the internet but I dont have much experience with the other programmes like powerpoint or access.